Reviews 2024 Is Fashion Store Legit Or Scam? Reviews 2024 Is Fashion Store Legit Or Scam? Reviews 2024 Is Fashion Store Legit Or Scam? Reviews 2024 Is Fashion Store Legit Or Scam?

Hello! I’ve come across some concerning information about a fashion store called Bexdix, located at It appears to be a potential scam, and I wanted to share the details with you to help keep you informed.

Reasons to Be Cautious

Fake Advert:

The models’ faces on seem suspicious as they are cropped out, suggesting stolen images and the possibility of receiving low-quality or different items than expected.

Scam Physical Business Address:

The provided business address in Hong Kong has been associated with other scam stores, indicating a lack of transparency and trustworthiness.

Negative Customer Reviews:

Some customers have reported not receiving their parcels after making a purchase, raising concerns about the store’s reliability.

Suspicious Contact Address:

The only contact method listed is an email address ( that doesn’t seem to elicit responses, making it difficult for customers to reach out.

Lack of Security:

The absence of trust seals from reputable sources like Norton or McAfee raises concerns about the security of customers’ personal and financial information.

Discount Offers:

The high discount rates offered by may be a bait-and-switch tactic commonly used by online scammers to lure buyers with seemingly too-good-to-be-true deals.

Fake Social Media Presence:

The social media icons on the website don’t lead to official pages, suggesting a possible attempt to avoid exposure on social platforms.

Other Red Flags: has a poor trust score, and the items displayed on the site appear to be plagiarized from other websites, further casting doubt on its legitimacy.

Should You Buy from Bexdix?

Given the numerous red flags mentioned above, it is advisable not to make purchases from Bexdix. There’s a high risk of not receiving the ordered products or getting low-quality goods.

How to Check if an Online Store Is Legit

When shopping online, consider factors like customer reviews, domain registration details, website security, social media presence, discount offers, business address/contact information, and the use of stolen images.

Things to Note While Shopping Online

Receiving Low-Quality Products:

Be cautious to avoid receiving inferior products by thoroughly researching online stores before making a purchase.

Not Receiving Products:

Online scammers often use low prices and high discounts to attract buyers, only to leave them without the ordered goods.

Hacking of Credit Cards:

Online fraudsters may compromise credit card details, resulting in unauthorized charges or double payments.

Scam VIP Memberships:

Beware of scams involving automatic enrollment in VIP membership clubs without consent, leading to additional charges.

Does Payment with PayPal Guarantee Safety on Bexdix?

No, using PayPal doesn’t always ensure an immediate refund. Scammers may provide fake tracking numbers, making it challenging to recover funds.

How to Get Your Money Back

If you’ve been scammed, contact your bank for a chargeback. It’s essential to take swift action to address fraudulent transactions.


In conclusion, based on the information gathered, appears to be an untrustworthy online store. It’s crucial for consumers to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and remain vigilant while shopping online to avoid falling victim to scams. If you’ve had any experiences with this store, feel free to share them in the comments. Stay safe!


Bexdix, found at Several red flags point to the potential for it being a scam. One notable issue is the use of cropped images of models on the website, suggesting possible image theft and raising doubts about the quality of products upon delivery. The physical business address listed in Hong Kong has been linked to other scam stores, indicating a lack of transparency and trustworthiness.

Negative customer reviews further contribute to the skepticism surrounding Bexdix, with reports of customers not receiving their ordered items after purchase. The sole means of contact, an email address (, appears unresponsive, making it challenging for customers to reach out for assistance or clarification.

Security concerns arise as the website lacks trust seals from reputable sources, leaving customers’ personal and financial details vulnerable to online hackers. The high discount offers provided by, while attractive, are often a tactic used by scammers to lure in unsuspecting buyers.

The absence of a genuine social media presence, as indicated by non-functional social media icons on the website, raises questions about the store’s legitimacy and transparency. Additionally, the overall trust score for is reported to be poor.

Considering these red flags, it is strongly advised against making purchases from Bexdix. There is a significant risk of not receiving the ordered products or receiving low-quality items. The importance of conducting thorough research before making online purchases is emphasized, with factors such as customer reviews, domain registration details, website security, and the use of stolen images being crucial considerations.

Online shoppers are cautioned about potential risks, including receiving inferior products, not getting ordered items, credit card details being hacked, and falling victim to scams involving unauthorized charges through fake VIP memberships. Even if paying with PayPal, immediate refunds are not guaranteed, especially if scammers use fake tracking numbers to complete transactions.

In conclusion, the evidence suggests that is likely an untrustworthy online store. Consumers are urged to exercise caution, remain vigilant, and take swift action if they suspect fraudulent transactions. If anyone has had experiences with this store, sharing insights in the comments could contribute to a collective effort to promote online safety.

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